About Us


The Zion Pharma

The Company is committed to bring the benefits of high quality, yet affordable medicines to patients in India and other largest and fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company that provides life-saving biopharmaceuticals. Yet, there is much to be accomplished. A third of the world’s population still has no access to healthcare. And providing health products and services is just one part of the solution to tackle health inequalities that threat human development. As a responsible corporate, we must adapt the way we operate to meet our commitment to health. We also must continue to uncover innovations to be shared widely among those in need. We’re dedicated to fulfilling the promise of human potential, in all places, in all aspects and stages of life. We believe that Health & Wellness is the key to that promise. Because at our healthiest, we’re capable of achieving anything. And that’s why our pursuit of helping people achieve their best health at every life stage will never end. This is how we put that belief into practice each and every day. We are here for the people we serve in their pursuit of healthy lives. This has been the way of The Zion Pharma —passionately and thoughtfully translating science into lasting contributions to health.